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Frequency Asked Questions & Information

What is Energy?

Energy can exist in many forms such as potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear or other forms. Major sources of energy can include coal, solar energy, wind power, nuclear fission, oil shale, petroleum, electromagnetism and energy conversion.

Electromagnetism is described as the science of charge and the forces and fields associated with charge. Thus, electric and magnetic forces can be detected in electro and magnetic fields. These are fundamental fields in nature.1 Electromagnetic radiation is a type of energy more commonly known as Light energy.2 Light is a flow of protons and protons are packets of energy flowing at the same speed, the speed of light.2 Therefore Light energy IS electromagnetic energy. Light energy has been measured by science described by the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The Electromagnetic Spectrum describes the characteristics of Light energy as wavelengths, frequency, vibration and amplitude.

Wavelengths, High Frequency, Low Frequency and Vibration

frequencies of light

The electromagnetic spectrum covers a wide range of wavelengths and frequencies. Light energy travels in waves called wavelengths. Wavelengths vary across the electromagnetic spectrum from low frequency (long wavelengths) to high frequency (short wavelengths). The frequency of the wavelength is described as the number of waves that pass a fixed point within a specific period of time3. Vibration is the number of cycles undergone per unit of time3. The difference between high frequency and low frequency energy is that high frequency energy carries more packets of energy (protons) whereas low frequency energy carries less packets of energy (protons). Whether high or low frequency all is Light energy and all Light energy travels at the same speed.

Everything is composed of Light energy and as such will vibrate at a specific frequency. All living and non-living things - humans, animals, plants, crystals, minerals, the Earth itself - vibrate at specific frequencies. With an explanation of Light energy and its associated characteristics, we can now examine the human body and provide an understanding as to how vibrational healing methods can be applied to the human body to effect change in restoring balance to the electromagnetic field (aura) of the recipient.

The Human Body and the Electromagentic Field (Aura)

Human AuraThe Human Body has been naturally designed to receive and transmit Light energy and as such emits electromagnetic energy (or Light energy). The human body contains seven light energy centers, or vortices, known as the chakras system. The chakra system functions to balance and distribute frequencies throughout the aura. Of the seven energy centers the heart is the most important electromagnetic energy center to receive and transmit Light energy. Research conducted by the Heart Math LLC has indicated that the heart generates an electrical signal 60 times greater than the brain and a magnetic field of 5000 times greater than the brain.4 Given the heart is the stronger electromagnetic center and thus generating the strongest electromagnetic field, when the heart is balanced, the brain becomes resonate with the heart.   In terms of the electromagentic field (aura) generated by the chakra system which includes the heart chakra, the wellness of the physical and emotional self focuses on the belief that the energetic body (aura) pre-determines the health of the physical body.

Through our continuous exposure to all types of electromagnetic fields generated, (computers, cell phones, radio waves, microwaves, television, etc.) our connection to naturally supportive electromagnetic fields such as those generated by the Earth has been significantly reduced. Therefore re-establishing and maintaining a connection to electromagnetic fields of the Earth are essential towards achieving a balanced human body and electromagnetic field (aura). This connection with the Earth, also then facilitates re-alignment processes on the energetic level that affect our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Crystal Resonance Healing: PAHT and Crystalline Grid System

Using a powerful vibrational healing method known as the Primus Activation Healing Technique (PAHT) individuals can experience a natural state of well being through simoultaneous re-alignment of their physical and spiritual bodies and with the Earth’s electromagnetic field (aura). Re-alignment within our own Being and with the Earth is now critical to humanity’s evolution.  The next level of the ascension process which is now underway involves a shift in humanity into Crystalline Consciousness.

What is PAHT?

PAHT involves a combination of hands-on healing techniques while in a Primus state (vibrating at a high-frequency) to effect change within the human body and electromagnetic field (aura). 

PAHT is founded upon scientific principles of resonance described within the Laws of Physics. This scientific principle describes how all energy interacts which includes energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum describes electromagnetic energy or Light energy in terms of frequencies. Frequencies describe the rate at which something vibrates.

Everything upon this planet is energy and vibrates at a specific rate or frequency. The human body and the electromagnetic field (aura) vibrates at a specific frequency. The Earth’s electromagnetic field vibrates at a specific frequency.

The physical body and aura (EMF) are specifically designed to transmit and receive light energy (electromagnetic energy). The electromagnetic field of the human body includes the aura, chakra and nervous system and the electromagnetic pulses of the heart and brain. As the heart and brain are brought into physiological coherence through the Primus State during a healing session, the aura pulsates in a defined pattern. This results in the brain releasing biochemical signals to the body that instruct the body to create the correction conditions for optium health.

How does PAHT effect healing?

The mechanics of PAHT can be easily explained through the use of two tuning forks which demonstrate the principles of vibration, frequency and resonance. A turning fork is activated through an external force, for example by tapping it. A second tuning fork situated in close proximity to the first tuning fork must vibrate at the same frequency. Thus when the second fork vibrates at the same frequency as the first tuning fork, a third energetic field is created known as resonance.

Tuning ForksAs a certified PAHT practioner, I represent the first tuning fork vibrating at a specific frequency (Primus State). You are the second tuning fork.  As I consciously and continually focus, maintaining the Primus State, and amplifying this state throughout the session, you will vibrate at the same frequency. As your frequency matches my constant frequency, a third energetic field is created known as resonance. As resonance is achieved you are experiencing a complete re-calibration and full alignment of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Moreover, the PAHT sessions which I conduct are performed within a fully charged primary clear quartz crystalline grid and secondary clear quartz and black tourmaline grid. The quartz crystals function to amplify the Primus State while the black tourmaline delivers deep purification and cleansing assisting with re-alignment of the energetic system. Each crystal has been programmed with the Primus State vibration, then activated ensuring full coherence within the grid system.  

What is included in a PAHT session?

First, I will sit with you and ask some questions which will enable me to better understand your current situation. Following completion of the session, I will share with you what occurred during the session. Finally I will provide recommendations based on the session which will enable you to empower yourself for healing.

Additionally, you will receive a clear quartz crystal which will be programmed with the healing session. Clear quartz crystals are the most easily programmable crystals within the Mineral Kingdom and serve to amplify and magnify your healing session. Instruction will be provided on how to use this crystal to further support your personal healing journey.

Experience Vibrational Healing of Plants and Trees Through Sound

I encountered the Music of the Plants through a direct experience at the Crystal Palace in Byron Bay, Queensland Australia. Immediately as sounds poured forth from the plants, I felt a defined stream of Light Energy enter my heart chakra. As I opened further, more Light Energy entered and I sank deeper into my heart center while sensing an expansion of my aura. The serenity, peace and immense Divine Love was so pure, so all-encompassing that I knew I was experiencing their Divine Essence.

Approximately 1 month after this incredible experience in Australia, I was privileged to then experience three separate instances in which plants and trees have initiated me into their Kingdom. First initiation was with the extremely sacred vine, known as Grandmother Ayahuasca and deeply revered for its medicine by the Peruvian Shamans. Next came a sacred Banyan tree, a specific tree I prayed at while in Bali at a Hindu temple. The Hindu worship and believe the banyan tree holds the divine essence of all three Gods – Lord Shiva as the branches, Lord Braham as the roots and Lord Vishnu as the bark.The Banyan tree is also one of the most venerated trees in India, believed to be the shelter provided by God to his devotees. The Banyan tree is also deeply sacred and revered in Buddhism, as Buddha after achieving full enlightment sat under a Banyan tree for seven days experiencing his new found enlightment. The last instance was receiving qualities (or DNA Activation) from a huge and beautiful oak tree which is located right here in my garden. After this period of initiation by the plant and tree kingdom, I began receiving clear guidance to work with them.

Plants and trees are sentient beings and have much to offer to humanity. Like everything upon our world, plants and trees are energy and thus vibrate at certain frequencies. They are a direct link to Source / Creator, the All That Is. Many ancient cultures and indigenous cultures collectively such as the Egyptians, Buddhist, Hindu, Peruvian, Aboriginal and Native American to name a few, recognized, acknowledged and revered plants and trees as Master teachers. Plants and trees have deep wisdoms, truths and pure Light energy of the Divine to share with humanity. Plants and trees have supported the healing of humanity for thousands of years in a wide range of modalities and applications, such as oils applied on the body, to poulstices, to teas and liquids for drinking using the leaves, stems and roots. Plants and trees can also support healing directly with their vibrational frequiences.

The Music of the Plants designed following 30+ years of research into exploring the innate intelligence of plants, is a device which converts the electromagnetic energy or Light Energy, of the plant and/or tree directly into sound. This allows the plants and trees to share their vibrational frequencies in real time through ‘live’ sound transmissions. These Light Energy transmissions deliver deep heart centered healing filling your entire physical and auric bodies with a true sense of peace, bliss and beauty.

As a vibrational healer and following my experience with the MOTP I began my own intensive work with plants and trees on a vibrational level. I have come to understand that my work with plants and trees is a co-creative partnership ‘rooted’ in deep respect, gratitude and divine love. We work together merging our vibrational frequencies to promote deep healing for individuals on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Sound is the most ‘noticeable or clear‘ method to effect change by shifting blocked energies. Sound is energy moving through the environment as a wave, vibrating.

During a healing session with the plants and trees, I enter the Primus State just like in a PAHT session. While in the Primus State my vibrational frequencies merges with the plant or tree to form a resonant field of deep healing. Sounds from the plants and trees is audiably received which immediately triggers a relaxed state of being for the client, which then turn, allows the depth of the healing to take place.

Get ready for a life changing experience with the Music of the Plants! Your perception of plants and trees and how you interact with them will never be the same. This amazing shift in perception, anchored in the heart center, is a gift provided by the plant and tree kingdoms as they share their Divine Essence.

As a result of this experience, naturally your heart opens further to form deeper relationships with the Earth and all the Kingdoms (crystal, animal, elementals, etc) recognizing the Divinity present in all Life. Plants and trees teach us that through reciprocal relationships with the natural world, ultimately you begin to fully recognize your Divine Essence. As you begin to connect to your Divinity, a knowingness that you are not separate fills your Being and understanding that this Divinity in you is what connects you to the Divinity in all Life.

Sessions with myself and the MOTP device can be done in a variety of ways. Private or group sessions, in person within my garden or via the internet. Large group sessions are undertaken directly out in nature. Within my garden are a variety of plants and trees to choose from. As you view the photos of both plants and trees just allow yourself to be drawn to a particular plant or tree.



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