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About us

aura 1

Following receipt of a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and a successful 12-year professional career as a Marine Environmental Consultant/Project Manager, I resigned from the corporate world to answer my soul’s calling.  As a Light Resonant Channel, I bring forth the highest frequency of the Divine through my own unique connection with the Creator/Source to create a resonant field of vibration which allows for restoration of balance within and to the electromagnetic field (or auric field) of the recipient.  I am certified in the Primus Activation Healing Technique (PAHT) and have successfully completed a personal journey through a 6-month dedicated in-depth crystal healing/resonance program. I perform light resonant vibrational sessions within a charged primary quartz crystalline grid and secondary quartz/black tourmaline grid to support cleansing, purification and alignment processes in order to restore balance to the recipient’s 7 energetic chakra centers and linked auric field.

Aura 2I had made a dedicated commitment to be of Service to the Divine when leaving the corporate world.  The intense desire to know the truth of my own Self required self-discipline, trust, courage and faith to explore all aspects of myself.  This journey led me to many sacred power sites (Egypt, Peru, Bali, Sedona, Australia and New Zealand) in which initiations and activations facilitated energetic alignments expanding my awareness. Through the expanded awareness of Self, I began to connect more fully with my own inner essence, spirit guides, and the natural world. Spiritual principles and concepts have now changed dramatically shifting from an intellectual perspective (mind level) to sensing/feeling experiences internally throughout my Being culminating into a state of ‘knowingness’.  Through my own personal journey into Spirit, I have gained knowledge and wisdom to share. This is my truth. If my words and services resonate with you, I seek to support you in empowering your own Truth. In this way, I am fulfilling my commitments to be of Service.