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Experience Vibrational Healing of Plants and Trees Through Sound

Rainbow TreeI encountered the Music of the Plants through a direct experience at the Crystal Palace in Byron Bay, Queensland Australia. Immediately as sounds poured forth from the plants, I felt a defined stream of Light Energy enter my heart chakra. As I opened further, more Light Energy entered and I sank deeper into my heart center while sensing an expansion of my aura. The serenity, peace and immense Divine Love was so pure, so all-encompassing that I knew I was experiencing their Divine Essence.

Approximately 1 month after this incredible experience in Australia, I was privileged to then experience three separate instances in which plants and trees have initiated me into their Kingdom. First initiation was with the extremely sacred vine, known as Grandmother Ayahuasca and deeply revered for its medicine by the Peruvian Shamans. Next came a sacred Banyan tree, a specific tree I prayed at while in Bali at a Hindu temple. The Hindu worship and believe the banyan tree holds the divine essence of all three Gods – Lord Shiva as the branches, Lord Braham as the roots and Lord Vishnu as the bark.The Banyan tree is also one of the most venerated trees in India, believed to be the shelter provided by God to his devotees. The Banyan tree is also deeply sacred and revered in Buddhism, as Buddha after achieving full enlightment sat under a Banyan tree for seven days experiencing his new found enlightment. The last instance was receiving qualities (or DNA Activation) from a huge and beautiful oak tree which is located right here in my garden. After this period of initiation by the plant and tree kingdom, I began receiving clear guidance to work with them.

Plants and trees are sentient beings and have much to offer to humanity. Like everything upon are world, plants and trees are energy and thus vibrate at certain frequencies They are a direct link to Source / Creator, the All That Is. Many ancient cultures and indigenous cultures collectively such as the Egyptians, Buddhist and Hindu, Peruvian, Aboriginal, Native American to name a few, recognized, acknowledged and revered plants and trees as Master teachers. Plants and trees have deep wisdoms, truths and pure Light energy of the Divine to share with humanity. Plants and trees have supported the healing of humanity for thousands of years in wide range of modalities and applications, such as oils applied on the body, to poulstices, to teas and liquids for drinking using the leaves, stems and roots. Plants and trees can also support healing directly with their vibrational frequiences.

The Music of the Plants designed following 30+ years of research into exploring the innate intelligence of plants, is a device which converts the electromagnetic energy or Light Energy, of the plant and/or tree directly into sound. This allows the plants and trees to share their vibrational frequencies in real time through ‘live’ sound transmissions. These Light Energy transmissions deliver deep heart centered healing filling your entire physical and auric bodies with a true sense of peace, bliss and beauty.

As a vibrational healer and following my experience with the MOTP I began my own intensive work with plants and trees on a vibrational level. I have come to understand that my work with plants and trees is a co-creative partnership ‘rooted’ in deep respect, gratitude and divine love. We work together merging our vibrational frequencies to promote deep healing for individuals on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Sound is the most ‘noticeable or clear‘ method to effect change by shifting blocked energies. Sound is energy moving through the environment as a wave, vibrating.

During a healing session with the plants and trees, I enter the Primus State just like in a PAHT session. While in the Primus State my vibrational frequencies merges with the plant or tree to form a resonant field of deep healing. Sounds from the plants and trees is audiably received which immediately triggers a relaxed state of being for the client, which then turn, allows the depth of the healing to take place.

Get ready for a life changing experience with the Music of the Plants! Your perception of plants and trees and how you interact with them will never be the same. This amazing shift in perception, anchored in the heart center, is a gift provided by the plant and tree kingdoms as they share their Divine Essence.

As a result of this experience, naturally your heart opens further to form deeper relationships with the Earth and all the Kingdoms (crystal, animal, elementals, etc) recognizing the Divinity present in all Life. Plants and trees teach us that through reciprocal relationships with the natural world, ultimately you begin to fully recognize your Divine Essence. As you begin to connect to your Divinity, a knowingness that you are not separate fills your Being and understanding that this Divinity in you is what connects you to the Divinity in all Life.

Sessions with myself and the MOTP device can be done in a variety of ways. Private or group sessions, in person within my garden or via the internet. Large group sessions are undertaken directly out in nature. Within my garden are a variety of plants and trees to choose from. As you view the photos of both plants and trees just allow yourself to be drawn to a particular plant or tree.