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SG - Ocean Shores, NSW, Australia

"I've always had a deep respect and sense of wonder for plants, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to experience PAHT and Sound Healing (w/ the Music of the Plants). Within a few minutes of the healing session beginning, I could feel the energy waves of the plant connecting with me (even though we were on opposite sides of the globe!). During the session I was very aware of the sensation of the energy working on various chakras in my body. First my sacral chakra and after some time I felt it move to the next chakra until it finally reached my third eye. At all times the energy was very gentle and I felt completely safe. It was such a humbling experience to connect with a plant through sound. Over the following days and weeks after the session, I can say for certain, that the session awakened certain parts of myself that were either blocked or suppressed and I've been able to work through these in a very positive way."



DW -  Hong Kong, China

"I felt very hot, expansion and lots of vibration during the first sound session with the plant that I need to take off my jacket in less than 5 minutes after the session was started. Although the session was done via video call, I could feel the plant was placed vividly in front of me and I could smell the plant like I was in nature, even though I lost the sense of my smell for the past few days. During the second sound session with the plant, I felt extreme expansion and very strong vibration more than in the first sound session. I felt my head was expanding and the energy was moving around inside my head. It seems that the energy was doing adjustment to my brain and my mind. The experience was so great that I would definitely recommend any of my friends to work with Lisa for this wonderful vibrational healing."



DW - Hong Kong, China

"A week following the vibrational and sound healing as well as crystal ally healing were so strong that I felt very expansive and could feel the weight of the crystal in my palm, just like I was holding the real crystal. The session also served as a way to relieve any blockages from my physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies, and therefore to help me realign with my authentic self."